Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

We have an auto-renewal billing system. All plans are on auto-renew as per our enrollment terms and conditions and billing frequency that were agreed to upon sign-up. Your credit card will automatically be re-billed when your available balance is insufficient to cover your next delivery. You will be billed the same amount based on the plan that was originally signed up for less any promotional discounts. Please be advised that your re-billing date can fluctuate based on your meal selections and delivery frequency. Your account balance will be debited each time we make a delivery.  Your account balance will deplete according to the plan type, number of meals per day, number of days per week and for the amount of items you add to your menu each day.  The more you add, the sooner your funds will be depleted and you will be auto-renewed.  To notify us that you do not wish to AUTO-RENEW for a subsequent billing cycle, we require notice in writing at least 4 business days prior to your current program cycle ending. If you wish not to auto-renew, please write NO AUTO-RENEW in the subject line of your email and send your request to CustomerService@PerfectFuelMeals.com.  Please note that if we do not receive notification in writing at least 4 business days before your current program cycle ends, you will automatically be billed for an additional cycle and will be obligated to continue service through the subsequent cycle(s). If you have questions about the maturity date of your billing cycle, you can email CustomerService@PerfectFuelMeals.com.  All customers will be required to complete an exit survey prior to plan cancellation.

We charge a $6 fee for each delivery. Delivery fees are debited from your account balance every time we make a delivery.

If you wish to discontinue your entire program, please email CustomerService@PerfectFuelMeals.com.  Please be advised that you are obligated to complete your service through the end of your current cycle and no refunds will be given. If cancellation requests are not received at least 4 business days prior to auto renewal, you will be automatically re-billed for another cycle and will be obligated to continue service through the end of that cycle.

Customers should leave bags and ice gel packs out for pickup on their next delivery date.  Customers should never have more than 2 bags in their possession at any time during enrollment.  Customers having 3 or more bags in their possession at any given time may be charged a $20 fee for any bags out exceeding 2 bags. All bags and ice packs must be retrieved on your last delivery. At the end of service, and after one attempt to collect all outstanding bags, a $20 per bag non-refundable unreturned bag fee will be charged for each bag customer has in their possession. Unreturned bag fees will be charged on the credit card we have on file.

For safety reasons, under no circumstances will Perfect Fuel accept food returned to our kitchen.

Perfect Fuel cannot accommodate customers with severe or life threatening food allergies. By signing up for Perfect Fuel, you agree to our terms and conditions and understand that Perfect Fuel is not responsible for any food related allergic reactions that may occur whether it be mild or severe. We prepare our food in a facility that handles nuts, gluten, dairy, shellfish and other common food allergens. We cannot guarantee no cross contamination. We urge you to use caution when choosing Perfect Fuel. If you have a moderate to severe food allergy, we cannot serve you. Please contact Customer Service at 305.918.1630 if you have any questions regarding this warning.

By becoming a customer, or by completing any of our online forms at www.PerfectFuelMeals.com, you agree to be automatically opted in to be contacted by phone, email, mail or by text for a variety of promotional or account related messages by Perfect Fuel and any of Perfect Fuel’s subsidiaries or 3rd party preferred marketing partners. If at any time, you wish not to receive communication(s) from us, you can opt out of our emails by clicking the Unsubscribe button in the footer of our emails.

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, eggs or unpasteurized milk may increase your risk of foodborne illness.