Spice it up!

Do you feel like you are eating the same things every week? How boring!


To be honest, I remember saying “I can eat the same thing every day and be happy with it.” That is how I used to eat. I used to eat oats, tuna, eggs, egg whites, ezekiel bread and nuts. I ate this way because I thought this was the right way to eat. I also thought that I HAD to eat that way to lose weight. It’s not that I didn’t like what I was eating, but I definitely was not excited about my meals. I was actually depriving myself of all the deliciousness that was out there!


The reality is, you should be eating a wide variety of foods. As dietitians, we don’t just say that for fun. It’s because the more variety of foods you eat, the more nutrition you are putting into your body.


Sometimes your body can even begin to get overwhelmed by eating the same thing over and over again. Just like an exercise routine needs variety to promote changes, so does your nutrient plan.  Ideally, you should be consuming a different protein source, vegetable and complex carb at every meal. Perfect Fuel Meals does a great job with that. My husband doesn’t even recognize some of the vegetables and they taste so good! That is how variety deprived we were.


Check out some of my favorite options from Perfect Fuel Meals:


  • Overnight coconut oats with strawberries, coconut, chia seeds, pistachios and egg white muffins served with chicken and apple sausage
  • Caribbean spiced corvina with coconut basmati rice, roasted squash and pineapple salsa
  • Turkey and lamb burger with sprouted grain pita bread, minted cucumber tabouli and coconut tzatziki sauce


I love all of these choices, and the variety that comes in every single meal. This is the way we should be eating. Nutritious foods that make us feel good, that keep us healthy, and also help us get in even better shape.


Besides eating healthy, having variety in your nutrition plan makes meal time exciting, and pleasurable (as it should be).


Next time you walk by a farmers market, look at all of the different fruits and vegetables that are there. How many different types of veggies do you see that you haven’t tried? Pick something new up every time you go to the grocery store or market. Get excited about trying something new, and your body will thank you.


Liza M. Scott MS, RD, CISSN
Registered Dietitian
Personal Trainer

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