Quick Tips for Muscle Recovery

Summer has officially begun! By now, we should all be in the swing of things with our summer schedules for work and for our workouts. Work can be tough and those workouts can be gruesome! Just like you need some recovery from work (a workout, sleep, vacation, etc.) you also need recovery from your workouts.

This is where nutrition plays a huge role with maintaining your GAINZ, your lean body, or helping you achieve any goals you have for performance or physique improvement. Below you’ll find a list of 5 easy tips to help speed up post WOD muscle recovery:

  1. Drink a protein shake after your workout. Find a protein powder you enjoy (whey protein, rice protein, just to give a few examples) and mix yourself a protein shake after your workout. This will help your muscles recover faster than if you were to not have a shake.
  2. Stay hydrated throughout the day. Buy yourself a water bottle and carry it around everywhere you go.
  3. Have a good meal after your workout. This will help get all the nutrients back in your body that you lost during your training. Incorporate a carb, healthy fat, and a protein, like a Perfect Fuel meal.
  4. Have a snack 30-45 minutes before you train at an intense level. A fruit should be ok at this time. This will provide some energy for your workout. Perfect Fuel Meals also have a variety of macro balanced snacks available in the Member’s portal that you can add to your order for pre-workout.
  5. Drink water during your workout. As regular exercisers, we tend to forget to drink while we are training. Even taking small sips will help fuel us for our training and help prevent dehydration

These are 5 simple tips that can help with muscle recovery. Remember, if our muscles are not recovering, they cannot grow. It is important to have lifestyle habits that help support our overall fitness and health. Share these with your family, friends, and gym buddies!

By Erik Bustillo, RD, CISSN, CPT

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