Performance Meal Plan

Approximate Macronutrient Breakdown
• 42g protein
• 56g carbs
• 19g fat
• 450-650 average calories

Our meal plans and portion sizes vary in the total calories. All are balanced equally in terms of the macronutrient percentage ratio.

From a total calorie perspective, 40% of the calories come from complex carbs, 30% from lean protein, and 30% from healthy fats.

We recommend you choose a portion size that takes the following factors into consideration:
– Gender, current weight, level of activity, age and goals.

The Fun Stuff!

Includes exclusive access to Perfect Fuel online members portal where you can:

Track your macros daily
Mix and match between plans for a customized approach or choose all your meals from one plan
Add snacks, in-between meals and fun foods
Control your schedule and deliveries
Generate your own menu


If you are unsure which plan to choose please contact us at 305.918.1630

* We can not accommodate dislikes or anyone with severe food allergies.