peak-performancePeak360° is not a gym; we are a community of fitness, located in the heart of South Miami, Florida. We coach our athletes individually or in energetic group classes. We utilize CrossFit as our primary training method for all of our athletes in order to achieve elite athletic performance. Our members are professional athletes, doctors, housewives, etc. and none of them use machines, treadmills, nor heart rate monitors.

Instead we utilize functional movements to achieve our fitness/performance goals. We train these functional movements at high intensities with our own body weight, with barbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, plyometrics, sleds, tires, running and any other way we can possibly think of. Our workouts at Peak are always varied, and the atmosphere is extremely positive and motivating.

best-everThe only chef inspired fresh food bar.

The Best Bar Ever company believes that protein bars should be made fresh, from real food and premium proteins, and should taste like something that the average person would actually want to eat on a consistent basis. Best Bars are high in protein, gluten free, soy free and have no added preservatives, artificial flavorings or sweeteners.

Great for pre-workout, post-workout, a healthy snack or a meal replacement. TASTE THE DIFFERENCE!

fuel-for-fireChef and athlete Rob Gilfeather saw a need for a convenient, real-food option that provided the protein and energy required to fuel his workouts and eat healthy throughout the day – so he crated Fuel for Fire protein smoothies.  Now you can enjoy delicious protein and carb blends made from real food anytime you need a healthy snack.

GGCaveman Coffee is hand picked, wet processed and small batch roasted by a master coffee roaster in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Founders and athletes Tait Fletcher, Keith Jardine and Lacie Mackey all bring something special to create a truly unconventional company.

Each bean is grown under the UTZ certification and Rainforest alliance protocols for sustainability and natural growing practices. No pesticides are ever used on the plants, and they are watered by nature alone. They are hand picked, only when ripe, and wet-processed for drying. This process produces the highest quality dried beans for roasting and preserves the natural flavors and nutrients.  The Caveman team imports the beans and roasts them with a master roaster, who is one of the best in the world. This process — from growth to roast — produces an unbelievably smooth coffee that is never burnt and maintains the best nutrients for the consumer.

peace-a-cakeWe are tireless and unwavering in trying different versions of each one of our recipes until we find the one with the BEST NUTRITIONAL CONTENT, TASTE and TEXTURE.

Peace A’ Cake products are created with love and made for anyone looking for a delicious snack or dessert made with minimally processed, REAL ingredients that can also give something nutritious and positive to their bodies! We take pride in stating there are NO hidden ingredients or preservatives in any of our products, but instead, a clear, simple label with REAL, ALL-NATURAL, WHOLESOME ingredients that you can understand and relate to.