Foods That Boost Energy

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With Fall quickly approaching and school in full swing we can all use a little energy boost!  Whether you are a parent, student, someone sitting in traffic, teacher… you get the point. If you are a human, you have to have good energy levels to function well at what you do.

We know that sleep is an important factor, so be sure to get your adequate amount of sleep. Now the real question is what foods can we eat to help boost our energy levels?  You’re going to want to print this or write it down for the next time you are meal prepping or ordering your next week’s meal delivery service.

Energy Boosting Foods

  1. Fresh fruits and veggies- tough to go wrong with these. Especially the ones that are “in-season” as they may provide a slightly higher amount of vitamins and minerals.
  2. Oats- this good ol’ breakfast food can help keep energy levels high throughout the day by providing some carbs for energy and fiber to try and help sustain that energy. They’re especially good in combination with #3…
  3. Eggs- a great source of protein and when combined with a whole grain (i.e. oats) they can help keep your tummy full, energy high, and muscles strong!
  4. Coffee- your morning “cup of Joe” is not bad for you like some may believe (unless you cannot tolerate the coffee/caffeine). Coffee has been proven to help increase energy levels, provide antioxidants for good health, and MAY EVEN HELP YOU LIVE LONGER. Not too bad.
  5. Green tea- for those that are not coffee drinkers, this is your next best bet. Enjoy a nice cup with your freshly made or delivered breakfast.
  6. Last and certainly not least WATER- drink up and stay hydrated. Dehydration can affect your mental abilities as well as your energy levels.

That list can help you maintain high energy levels throughout your day. Remember that only eating/drinking these items is not the solution. There must be other contributors too. It is important to note that lifestyle plays a large role in good health and maintaining energy levels. Continue your good sleeping habits, exercise regularly, keep a good diet, and take vitamins that can help support your health and wellness goals. With that recipe, you should be on the road optimal health!

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