Just click on a subscription option from our Get Started page and complete the checkout process.  You can also call us at 305.918.1630 to speak to one of our Nutritional Consultants.
We have 2 different plans to choose from:  LEAN & PERFORMANCE.  The 3 different meal plans  vary in the total calories. They are all balanced equally in terms of the macronutrient percentage ratio. We recommend you choose a portion size that takes the following factors into consideration: Gender, current weight, level of activity, age and goals.  If you are unsure which plan to choose please contact us at 305.918.1630
After checking out online or on the phone, you’ll receive a welcome email with your user name and login for the Perfect Fuel Members Portal. Just log in to the portal and start choosing your meals. You will also receive a Welcome Guide with detailed information about what to expect.
When you are on the checkout page, you will be able to select your start date. If you call in, our Nutritional Consultants will advise you on the next available start date. Your start date will depend on when you place your order. Because we make your meals fresh to order, our culinary team needs 5-7 days notice to procure and prepare your meals. Your order confirmation will confirm your start date.
To speak to one of our Nutritional Consultants, please contact Sales@PerfectFuelMeals.com or call 305.918.1630.

Meal Plans / Nutrition

We have 3 different plans. Click to see which plan is best for you and your goals: LEAN, PERFORMANCE, GAINZ.
The approximate macronutrient breakdown of this plan is as follows: 28g protein, 37g carbs, 12g fat, and range from 300-450 average calories per meal.
The approximate macronutrient breakdown of this plan is as follows: 42g protein, 56g carbs, 19g fat, and range from 450-650 average calories per meal.
All of our plans are mostly gluten free.
Our plans are all low in dairy. If there is dairy, it will be on the side.
We include a variety of protein sources in our plans including Chicken, Beef, Turkey, Pork, Salmon, Shrimp, Bacon, Ham, Sausage, and Cage Free Eggs.
We have a wide variety of high quality carbohydrate sources including: Sweet Potatoes, Quinoa, Brown Rice, Black Rice, Yuca, Malanga, Butternut Squash, Plantains, Cauliflower Mash, Gluten Free Pasta, Oatmeal, Ezekiel Bread, Protein Pancakes, Waffles, French Toast and more.
Some examples of healthy fats and oils that we use include: Avocado, Nut Butters, Nuts, Coconut, Olive Oil, and Coconut Oil.
Yes, we have a variety of homemade and preferred partner snacks available at all times. Just add them to your menu when you select your meals in the Members Portal.
We believe that everybody deserves a cheat meal every now and then, so we always offer a variety of fun foods that you can add to your daily menu whenever you feel like a little cheat!
You’ll see fun foods on our menu like: Donuts, Cookies, Tarts, Brownies, Dark Chocolate and more.
Our food is made fresh daily and is intended to be eaten on or within 72 hours of the day printed on the container label.
Yes, we have a full time Dietitian on staff to answer any of your questions. Please email Nutrition@PerfectFuelMeals.com or call us at 305.918.1630.
We include detailed nutritional information on every meal container. We include protein, carb, calorie, fat and fiber counts. For your convenience, you can also view nutritionals by day when choosing your meals online in the Perfect Fuel Members Portal.
All meals with the exception of salads, snacks and fun foods are packaged in microwave safe containers for easy reheating. To warm your meals, open container and remove any cold items, garnishes and sauces. Place the cover back on the container leaving one corner cracked open for ventilation. For best results, heat on VEGETABLE mode until desired temperature is reached. All microwaves vary. Warming times can range anywhere from 2-4 minutes. We do not recommend heating our meals on the HIGH setting as it can overcook the food. Container may be hot. Carefully remove container from microwave and enjoy.

Choose Your Meals

Choose Your Meals is a completely personalized approach to creating your own unique menu each week. Choose from different menu items and get exactly the meals you want to suit your preferences.
Just log in to the Perfect Fuel Members portal and click on Choose My Meals. Point and click on the meals you want to add to your menu. Make sure to SAVE your selections before proceeding to the next day.
To choose your meals, log in to the Members Portal from the home page of the website and click on the My Account in the upper right hand corner. Log in with your user name and password to get access to the Community and start choosing your meals.
After signing up, you will receive a Welcome email that includes your Welcome Guide and a link to log in. Click the link to log in and then create your password. Once you’ve created your password, you will be logged in to the Members Portal and you can start managing your account and choosing your meals.
Our cutoff times are:

Mon/Tues: Thursday 5pm cutoff for new orders, meal selections or change requests
Wed/Thurs: Saturday 5pm cutoff for new orders, meal selections or change requests
Fri/Sat/Sun: Monday 5pm cutoff for new orders, meal selections or change requests

Yes, you can select any meal items regardless of plan or price point. Keep in mind different plans have different price points and your account will be debited according to your selections. With each meal, snack, in between meal and fun food you add to your daily menu, your credit balance will be deducted accordingly.
Yes, there is a 2 meal minimum per day. However, you can always add more than the minimum but your account will be debited accordingly to what items you choose and how many items you select.
Don’t worry if you miss a cut-off for choosing meals. If you miss a meal selection cutoff, our system will automatically select Chef’s Choice meals for you based on the plan you signed up for.
We cannot accommodate customers with severe or life threatening food allergies. By signing up for Perfect Fuel Meals, you agree to our terms and conditions and understand that we are not responsible for any food related allergic reactions whether it be mild or severe. We prepare our food in a facility that handles nuts, gluten, dairy, shellfish and other common food allergens. If you have a severe food allergy, we cannot serve you. Please contact Customer Service at 305.918.1630 if you have any questions regarding this warning.
Going out of town? No problem. Just log in to the Perfect Fuel Members Portal and click on Account Overview to put your account on pause. Your meal service will automatically resume based on the start and end dates you put in your pause request. Keep in mind that no meals will be delivered on the start or end date of pauses. All pause requests take 4 business days to take effect on your account.
We have a 2 week maximum pause limit. Your meals will automatically restart after 2 weeks. If you have a special request, please email our Customer Service team at CustomerService@PerfectFuelMeals.com.
Menus are automatically emailed out on Fridays at 3pm. You can also generate your menu in the Members Portal.
Contact Customer Service at CustomerService@PerfectFuelMeals.com and they will assist you within 24 hours.
Most account changes can be made in our Members Portal. Just log in to your account to manage various aspects of your service including billing, delivery, password, pauses, dislikes etc. If you don’t find what you need in our Members portal, please email CustomerService@PerfectFuelMeals.com. Keep in mind all account changes take at least 4 business days to take effect.


We deliver to Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties plus Orlando and Tampa.
We deliver to your home 3x weekly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, guaranteed by 7am.
Each delivery includes 2 days of freshly made meals packed in an insulated cooler bag with ice packs and zip-tied for safety.
If you live in a gated community or condo with a concierge or manned gate, please notify them about your deliveries so our drivers can gain access. Be sure to tell them we deliver on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 12am – 7am. If there is not a manned gate, we will need to receive a FOB or gate code before your deliveries can begin. Perfect Fuel cannot be held responsible for missed deliveries due to no access.
Our deliveries are made between 12am – 7am. We guarantee delivery by 7am.
On Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, make sure to put your empty cooler bag and ice packs out on your doorstep for our driver to pick up when he makes your next delivery.
If you forget to put your empty bag and ice packs out the night before your delivery, please make sure to do so on your next delivery. At the end of service if we have not received all of our bags back, we will charge a $20 per bag unreturned bag fee on the credit card we have on file.
We charge $6.00 per delivery. Delivery fees are deducted from your account every time we deliver.
Our containers are made of PET recyclable material. While we don’t take our containers back, they are recyclable. We encourage you to re-use your containers or recycle them. We are unable to accept used containers back into our facility.

Billing / Account Information

You can update your billing information by logging in to your account in the Members Portal. Just edit and save your information before closing out the screen. Keep in mind, if there is a billing issue at the time of auto-renewal and you don’t contact us within 24 hours of receipt of billing issue notification, your next delivery will not be made. For any billing issues contact CustomerService@PerfectFuelMeals.com.
All plans auto-renew when your balance gets too low to cover your next upcoming delivery. Auto-renewals will be charged at the same billing level of initial purchase. Promotional discounts are not valid upon renewal.
We have weekly, bi-weekly and monthly subscription options and 3 different meal plans to choose from. Pricing is based on the meal plan type and the length of your subscription.
If you wish to discontinue your entire program, please email CustomerService@PerfectFuelMeals.com. All customers cancelling will be required to complete a mandatory exit survey in order for their cancellation to be processed. Please be advised that you are obligated to complete your service through the end of your current cycle and no refunds will be given. If cancellation requests are not received at least 4 business days prior to auto renewal, you will be automatically re-billed for another cycle and will be obligated to continue service through the end of that cycle.