Do Diets Work?

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Approximately 60% of Americans have attempted to lose weight. Also, 6 out of 7 people who enter a weight loss program will lose weight; however, 95% of those people gain the weight back after 3 years and some gain more weight than what they lost and end up weighing more than when they started. The weight loss industry is a billion dollar industry because the country has an overweight/obesity problem which leads to people trying to lose weight, then gain it back, then try again, then gain it back, and try again, and gain it back, so on and so forth. One cannot help but wonder… do diets work?

The issue comes down to more than just following a diet plan and losing weight. The real issue lies with the individual and their willingness to permanently change habits such as making changes to their diets,  meal prepping, using a meal delivery service, working with a health professional such as a Registered Dietitian, hiring a Personal Trainer, exercising regularly, etc.

Below is a brief review of some popular or “fad diets,” some older than others as far as recognition in the public eye, but all have their place in the diet world.

“Diets” in the Public Eye and Whether or not they work for Weight Loss

NAME Does it Work
1.       Keto or Ketogenic Yes
2.       Intermittent Fasting Yes
3.       Vegan Yes
4.       Atkins Yes
5.       Gluten Free Yes
6.       Paleo Yes
Bottom Line People lose weight on “diets”

Now let’s break this down a little bit more. These “diets” most probably work because the people who go on them are practicing poor eating & lifestyle habits like eating too many calories, not practicing mindfulness and eating whatever they want whenever they want, not exercising, (the list goes on) and then make a drastic switch. Yes, if you start eating a bit less and better quality food, you may begin to lose weight.

The reason “diets” do not work is because there is not a permanent lifestyle change. People lose weight then gain it back. This is where the term “yo-yo diet” comes from. The goal has to be longevity. We must follow a plan or a program that we can follow for the rest of our lives. Will it take some sacrifice, yes, but it will all be worth it.  Keep in mind; this is only if you want optimal health. You have to evaluate your true goals first.  You must be able to follow YOUR diet not A diet.

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