5 Ways to Detox Daily

Sometimes we all feel like we need a detox. You probably notice it in your belly first. Maybe you feel swollen, and maybe your brain feels a little foggy. We can experience these symptoms when we’ve eaten foods that do not agree with us, and of course from ingesting alcohol. Our bodies and brain can even become addicted to certain foods like sugar. By taking some time away from these foods and rebooting your system, you can begin to feel like yourself again, physically and mentally.

You can detox your body on an everyday basis. Juice cleanses are not always necessary to “detox” your body. The best way to detox your entire body is to make sure your detox organs such as your liver and kidneys are functioning at their top capacity.

Here are 5 ways you can detox on daily:

1)    Sweat. When we sweat, we release toxins from our skin, helping our body to naturally detoxify. Go for a run, do a workout, or a yoga class. Sweating is great for the skin (Think again about using antiperspirant. You are pretty much telling your body not to sweat and detoxify from your armpits, an area made for a natural detoxification. I searched for years to find a replacement – and I finally found that Milk of Magnesia works wonders. Add some peppermint essential oil, and you will be fresh all day. Works for men too!)

2)    Cut out alcohol, caffeine, and processed food.  All of these things are highly addictive. We may not even realize we are addicted to them, unless we cut them out. Are you panicking already thinking about cutting out coffee? I felt the same way. A high quality green tea, matcha, or black tea can be great alternatives with lower caffeine and a lot more benefits. Matcha and green tea are also very high in antioxidants.

Start with 3 days. Then go to 7 days. Then to 30. Evaluate how you feel, and what changes your body makes after eliminating these culprits. No matter how you slice it, alcohol is a toxin even in small amounts, and puts extra stress on your liver.

3)    Only choose nutrient dense foods- cucumbers, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, organic sources of protein, fresh eggs, sweet potatoes, berries etc. Fresh vegetable juices are also a great option as well. Choose juices with a higher percentage of vegetables, rather than fruit. You really won’t understand how good these foods make you feel until you actually start eating them on a consistent basis. Perfect Fuel Meals includes so many exotic vegetables in their meals!

4)    Certain supplements will help your body detox as well. Milk thistle for your liver, food grade bentonite clay or psyllium husks for your colon, and a saline solution for your sinuses. Do not spend money of a 3 day “laxative cleanse.” Detoxify your body from the inside, from your cells. Start your morning off with a cup of warm water with fresh squeezed lemon juice, or a teaspoon of apple cider to stimulate better digestion.

5)    Detoxify your thoughts about food and your attitude at meal time. Choose high quality foods on a daily basis, and enjoy your food! Make meal time pleasurable, and not rushed. Chew your food slowly, and be thankful for the food that you do have. Especially if its food that has already been prepared and delivered to you- like from Perfect Fuel Meals!

Liza M. Scott MS, RD, CISSN
Registered Dietitian
Personal Trainer

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